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Meagan Byrne

Game/Narrative Designer - Achimostawinan Games

Meagan Byrne is the founder of Achimostawinan Games and Digital Interactive Coordinator with ImagineNATIVE

Mike Bithell

Director - John Wick Hex

He’s the writer and director behind many incredible games including Thomas Was Alone, Subsurface Circular, and the brand new John Wick Hex.

Jeff Larkin

VFX Artist - Gunfire Games

He's a VFX Artist working at Gunfire Games, the studio behind Remnant: From the Ashes.

Nina Freeman

Game Designer - Fullbright

She’s a game designer behind many great games including Cibele, Tacoma, and the upcoming game We Met in May.

Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Freelance Narrative Director

IGF-nominated developer behind Hypnospace Outlaw, SkateBird, and the brand new game Can Androids Pray.

Carolyn Petit

Managing Editor - Feminist Frequency

She’s the managing editor at Feminist Frequency and host of Queer Tropes.

JJ Chalupnik

Game Dev / 3D Artist

JJ worked as an environment Artist for Archer, and now a freelance CG Generalist and compositor in LA.

Christian Spicer

Comedian / Writer / Podcaster

Host of DLC podcast, comedian and television writer. His latest album is titled "We're All Going to Die" available on iTunes.

Corey Pavlich

Video Games Researcher

PHD candidate in the department of communication at the University of Arizona. He studies links between video games and aggression

Kyle Clark

Host of This is Rad / Comedian / Writer / Filmmaker

Stand-up comedian and writer. Host on This is Rad podcast

Samuel Malone

VR Game Dev/ TV Animator

TV animator and indie VR game developer.

Jake Ellis

VR Game Dev/ TV Animator

TV animator and indie VR game developer

Matthew Burnside

Host of This is Rad

From Indoor Kids and This is Rad podcasts.

Mary Kish

Producer at / Former Senior Video Producer at Gamespot

Producer at and former Senior Video Producer at Gamespot

Ryan Kablik (Mr. Aquaman)

Esports Tournament Coordinator and Caster

He’s a commentator for NetherRealm Studios’ fighting games and host of Stream.Me’s War of the Gods.

Jamie Madigan

Video Game Psychologist / Podcaster

Doctor of psychology, host of the Psychology of Video Games podcast and author of the book “Getting Gamers”

Aldrin Cornejo

American Dad / Host of Aldrintendo Power Podcast

American Dad Design Supervisor and host of the Aldrintendo Power Podcast

Alex Fogleman

Quality Engineer for the PSN storefront

Quality Engineer for the PSN storefront, long time friend.

Andrea Rene

Host / Producer / Writer

She’s a host on the What’s Good Games podcast and a regular on Kinda Funny Games Daily.

Kahlief Adams

Host / Community Manager / Analyst

Owner and Host of the Spawn on Me podcast

Tanya DePass

Director at I Need Diverse Games / Twitch Partner

She’s the founder of I Need Diverse Games and cast member on the Rivals of Waterdeep stream

Shareef Jackson

Host of Spawn on Me

He makes math look good, he makes games look good, and he’s a host on the amazing Spawn On Me podcast.

Jenny Scheurle

Lead Game Designer - ArenaNet

Lead Game Designer at ArenaNet. Prev games with NASA.

Kevin Chen

Game Developer

Jarryd Huntley

Lead Designer - Art Club Challenge

Lead designer on Art Club Challenge and an organizer with the Cleveland Game Developers community.

Drew Scanlon

Creator - Cloth Map

Creator / Producer of the docu-series Cloth Map and Former Giant Bomb Senior Video Producer

Will Smith

Creator - FOO VR

Former Editor at, the CEO of FOO VR, and creator behind The FOO Show

Abby Russell

Associate Producer - Giant Bomb

Associate Producer at Giant Bomb

AJ Glasser

Senior Business Developer - Unity

Senior business developer at Unity and former journalist at GamePro magazine & Kotaku.

Kim Belair

Writer & Narrative Consultant

Former scriptwriter at Ubisoft, the co-host of The Sexiest Podcast, and now she’s a freelance writer and narrative consultant.

Cicero Holmes

Host - Spawn on Me

Host of the Spawn on Me podcast and Discovery Debrief.

David Amador

Lead Programmer - Upfall Studios

Lead Programmer on Quest of Dungeons and founder of Upfall Studios

Ari MacGillivray

Associate Producer - Reflector Entertainment.

Former writer at Ubisoft on Assassins Creed, Far Cry and For Honor. Current Associate Producer at Reflector Entertainment.

Jeff Mattas

Freelance Writer and Voice Over Actor

Jeff was a regular on the Weekend Confirmed Podcast and now he’s a freelance writer and voice actor for video games.

Caleb Grace

Lead Developer - The of Lord of the Rings LCG

Caleb Grace is the Lead Designer on The Lord of the Rings card game and worked on the PC adaptation.

Danny Peña

Founder & Co-host of @gamertagradio

Danny Peña is the founder and Co-Host of Gamertag Radio and Podcaster Hall of Fame inductee

Victoria Tran

Community Developer - Kitfox Games

Victoria Tran is the Community Developer with Kitfox Games & Author of Peachbutt Comics

Tristan Moore

Lead Designer - Broken Window Studios

Tristan Moore is the co-founder and lead designer at Broken Widow Studios

Osama Dorias

Senior Game Designer - Warner Bros Montreal

Osama Dorias is the Senior Game Designer at Warner Bros Montreal and the coordinator of the Video Game Programs at Dawson College.

Elaine Gómez

Game Designer / Educator - E-Line Media

Elaine Gómez is a game designer and educator with E-Line Media.

Dr. Anthony Bean

Clinical Psychologist, Video Game Expert and Author

Dr. Anthony Bean is a Clinical Psychologist, Video Game Expert and Author.

Will Lewis

Co-Founder & Director - Rose City Games

Will Lewis is the Co-Founder of Rose City Games and lead community organizer of the Portland Indie Game Squad.

Amanda Farough

Executive in Charge -

Amanda Farough is the managing Editor at and editor in chief at SuperParent

Juan Vaca

Narrative Designer - Endless Entertainment

Juan Vaca is a narrative designer with Endless Entertainment and a Latinx in Gaming co-founder.

Doc Burford

Game Designer

Doc Burford the author of the blog, Stomp and a developer with Arbitrary Metric, the team behind Paratopic.

Chandana Ekanayake

Creative Director - Outerloop Games

Chandana Ekanayake is the creative director with Outerloop Games, the team behind the VR game Falcon Age.

Daanish Syed

Senior UI Artist - NetherRealm Studios

Daanish Syed is a Senior UI Artist at NetherRealm Studios and host on the podcast Someone Should Make This.

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